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Monday, January 31, 2011

You Know You're Pregnant When

Here is my own little list of 11 ways to know you are pregnant:

1. You don't care if you're right in the middle of that huge bite of food when you're returning phone calls.

2. Putting on socks and painting toe nails become chores.

3. You wake up every morning and try on 5 outfits from your own closet before deciding to throw on some clothes from your husband's closet.

4. Something you smell makes you vomit.

5. Something your husband says makes you vomit.

6. Shopping at the grocery store becomes worse than clothes shopping because of ALL THAT STUFF YOU WANT that you just can't buy right now!

7. No matter why you went to the store in the first place, you find yourself in the baby aisle.

8. You have a whole room in your house reserved for someone you haven't even met yet.

9. Someone you don't even know is allowed to use your bladder as a punching bag and you find yourself running to pee every 15 minutes.

10. You cry when a bug in a Disney movie gets smashed! (Princess and the Frog people!!)

11. While others are mashing and jumping up and down at the last rock concert you went to, you find yourself looking up the question, "Is it okay to go to a rock concert while pregnant?" on your i-phone.

Friday, January 21, 2011

OH-OH, We're half way there (OH-OH Living on a prayer)!!!

Today was busy baby-wise. Though he has been quite the busy boy the last few days, kicking around. It's fun to be able to say, "He is moving!" and know exactly when that is. We had the 20- week ultrasound followed by a tour through the labor and delivery room (YES, they have a tub with a jacuzzi! I best be getting one of those rooms) followed by a check-up with the midwife.

I was pretty concerned he'd have a huge dent in his head the shape of a basketball from a blow I got right to the belly in our ward ball game on Tuesday. Haha, but luckily there wasn't :). Our little boy is still a boy, and does not like to be woken up at 9 in the morning. I usually feel him moving around at night. Since the ultrasound was at 9 am, I drank some orange juice. When the tech started out, he was laying on his belly (he learned that from mom yesterday during my massage). Then he flip-flopped to his back. When the Dr. came in he was laying on his side, so the boy is active! Everything looks wonderful, he has a four chamber heart, cranial measurements are good, spine is complete and strong, bladder, kidneys, everything is there. He spread out his hand to show off his long fingers, and he doesn't have quite the pot-belly he had 3 weeks ago. It is amazing how much you can see in an ultrasound these days. He looks more like a little man than a cute, pudgy baby to me. Maybe if I think of him that way it won't be so hard to watch him grow up. I think he will look more like his father. His nose, hands, toes, lack of bum, etc. seem to look more like him, but I don't know. Good thing I married one handsome man =].

I asked my husband at our brunch (he took me to the same place where he took his mom to tell her he was going to ask me to marry him- way fun place called the Park I think) what he was most looking forward to in the next year. He said, "seeing him walk". I laughed, "you really think he will be walking by 6 months!" Then I realized he might have been thinking the baby's first year. I told him I can't wait until he sees his dad play and sing instead of just hearing it from the womb. Looks like this guy has a pretty good little diaphragm, though that may mean more screaming for the first year than anything else.

The three things that bother me about the labor and delivery room are:
a: the fetal heart rate monitor that I will be required to wear. I know it's a good thing to monitor the heart rate, and I felt a little better about it when my midwife told me I don't have to keep it on the whole time and I can move around with it on.
b: I only get ice chips and Popsicles in my delivery room. What if I get hungry?
c: They do take the baby away for the first bath. I'm hoping I will feel well enough to go with, but if not Marshall goes and I don't feel too awful about it since I'm sure there will be plenty of baths for me and the little guy down the road.

I love it when little things happen that seem to point out that you are on the right path in your life. For example, today when we arrived at the hospital, the odometer switched right as we parked to 111300. Same day Marshall and I met and were married a year later. Guess this little guy is just meant to be in our lives :).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Years ago a friend of mine designated the eleventh day of January as the 'AJ Day O' Wishes Come True' since my favorite number is 111 (for many reasons, but mostly since it was/is my hero dad's employee number). I fully intend on officially declaring this holiday when I have some more means or money =].

This holiday as I look around me I have to say that many of my life-long wishes have come true.

1. I wanted to be a scientist since I was a little girl. I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and even added an emphasis in international development.

2. Since I was young, I've always wanted to serve a mission for my Savior. I've caused Him enough pain, it is the least I could do, and I ended up serving in the Brazil Salvador South Mission (it even has his name in it) from January 2007-July 2008.

3. Unlike most little girls, I never had the riveting dream to be married. While my husband was courting me (yes I said court, he tried and still tries hard), I would tell him all the time that I was fine with being one of God's angels (aka still being single when I died) and that is why he wrote the song "She's an Angel". Though I had no expectations for what my wedding dress should look like, what should happen at the parties, etc., (and I'm sorry to anyone who suffered because of that) marrying this amazing man has been one of my biggest wishes that I didn't know I had come true and he is still so sweet with me I get overwhelmed with him a lot.

There is another wish coming true, but I don't want to give it a number until it does. It involves a child. I have my wishes for the following years set high and want to work for an organization such as Save the Children or a similar NGO that helps the future of the world- children. Though this may not happen in the next two years, it will definitely remain in my focal point until the 1/11 that I can write about that wish coming true. I am on my way to hopefully making a difference in one child's life (not to mention I LOVE my nursery children), he's just not exactly here yet. Little One mommy already loves you :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Boy!

Yes, we are so happy to have another guy in the family. Now I will really be outnumbered with our fish Dagon, husband, and baby. That is okay with me. I would rather have a house full of boys (follow in my mother-in-law's footsteps) than deal with silly girl hormones and drama. I never really was into that stuff and mostly hung out with guys growing up. I do have some great girl friends that are a lot like me though ;). We are pretty sure on the first name, but middle name we aren't decided. I have a beautiful, coincidental story that goes along with our deciding on a name, but every time I tell it, I get so excited that it comes out fast like a train wreck. I will take some time to write it out and post a picture of the baby chillaxin' in the womb when I get more time.
I supposedly have a bachelors in biology and minor in international development. Funny story. One of my last classes (evolutionary biology lab) says NS (no score) on my progress report. Turns out the T.A. was four hours late turning in everyone's grades. So, I am graduated...or am I technically? Who knows when that will change. When everyone gets settled back from their academic break? Psh.
My bro just got called as zone leader in a new area. He is such a spiritual guy and I miss my little big bro like crazy! This really is an exciting time in my life to be done with my undergraduate studies and starting a new journey as a mother. I am planning on pursuing graduate studies in international health, but want to go somewhere liberal and will see where the hubster gets accepted to law school in the next couple years. Pictures to come =]