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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kezman's First Week in Houston

Last Thursday my mother flew down to Houston and brought Kezman. It had been nearly a month since we had last seen our boy. It feels so good to have our family together. My last blog post was pretty wordy, so I decided to entertain you with some pictures :)

Amanda was extremely anxious!
Reunited at last!
Stealing Mommy's Breakfast.
Fun at the Zoo.
A brand new exhibit :)
Look at that!
Playing with Celeste.
Playing in the sand.
Driving the grocery cart.
Mom's sun glasses are cool!
So good to be back together!
A special thank you to John and Sheralyn, and the rest of ya'll Houstonians who have reached out to help us! 


I have often prayed for remission in my life. Only recently has it been for my cancer to be in remission. As they have been previously, my prayers were answered again. My most recent bone marrow aspirate revealed that I have reached complete remission. That means there is no trace of cancer! Pretty remarkable considering that I had only undergone two weeks of Blinatumomab treatments prior to the biopsy; it took me five months of chemotherapy to reach remission last year!

We received the news on Tuesday afternoon. That morning at breakfast I was approached by a sweet woman I now know as Janice. She approached me and declared, "I'm supposed to pray with you!" A little surprised I stammered, "Okay... ya, that'd be great." She explained that she had an impression that she was to pray for someone that morning and when she saw me she knew I was the one. Standing in the cafeteria and holding hands in a circle with me and my wife, she prayed for us. She prayed that my cancer would be eliminated and that Jesus Christ would heal me.

How right she was! Only minutes later I received a voice mail from my doctor stating he could meet with me early if I was available. We headed straight up to the leukemia floor. The PA came in beaming; we told her we hadn't heard anything on my biopsy, she happily reported that the test revealed I was in complete remission. I felt much like I did when I first found out that I had cancer - it took a few days to set in.

At this point we have decided to go through with the second bone marrow transplant in Salt Lake City. While they are finding a donor I will remain in Texas and undergo one more cycle of Blinatumomab to maintain remission. We estimate the date for my transplant to be at the end of June or beginning of July.