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Friday, July 23, 2010

Now and Later

Now is pretty tough. I know people say enjoy the now now because you will want it back later, but I am really not finding the now enjoyable. Maybe if I make a list of things I am enjoying now, it'll help me have a better perspective. I find joy in playing with the nursery kids for 2 hours every Sunday, when hubby is home and I am not alone (it's not that I am bored without him- I have plenty to do- it is just that I am doing it alone), being in the middle of a great scientific controversy at work right now and helping to find the right answers to questions even if it's not the miraculous outcome everyone was praying for including me, reading the great books I am in the middle of right now, baby-sitting for my neighbor, hiking, being outdoors doing anything really (except playing frisbee with a big-a paper cut like yesterday), getting to know new places, visiting with friends and family, taking pictures, bonko night every month, and a whole lot more. Ok, I think I can start to enjoy this day off more now instead of wanting things that will probably be better for me in my life later.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet Stuff from the Great Book I am Reading Right Now

"Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle"- Philo of Alexandria.

The Hebrew word for soul is nephesh.

The physicist/theologian John Polkinghorne "believes in a God who created something more beautiful than a ready-made world- a world with an inborn capacity to become and create itself". This one is totally awesome. Think about it.

"The more personal you are willing to be and the more intimate you are willing to be about the details of your own life, the more universal you are."- Sherwin Nuland (surgeon and author)

Nuland: "There isn't a reason in the world that the religious have to explain their faith on a scientific basis. What is needed between science and religion is not a debate, but a conversation, each one saying, "You know, you're here to stay and I'm here to stay, so let's find out how our relationship can be of greatest benefit to this world."

Nuland again: "And given the opportunity to make choices, they will always choose the more salubrious way...Every cliche has a reason".