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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Little Rocker

My brother-in-law talked us into going to an afternoon organ concert at the tabernacle. Okay, not exactly a rock concert, but with all the shows MJ has had during this pregnancy this boy is going to come out sleeping through all types of music gigs. Here are my husband and brother-in-law sharing a moment on the guitar at their latest performance:

I got to hang out with my old roomy and I LOVE HER!

Today was different for our little boy. Instead of sleeping or being calmed by the music like usual, there was a song where the organist played three very loud chords. During each one our little rock boy kicked and kicked and KICKED :). It was like he was stunned by the resonance of the oscillating organ chords. The room was dead silent and I had to hold back my chuckling at his obvious reaction to the music.

In other news, my little brother surprised everyone and proposed earlier than we thought (he'd hinted to keep August open a while back). They are so perfect for each other and she really is one lucky girl to get such an awesome guy to fall so much in love with her. He really is so in love (I've NEVER seen him even remotely close to this before) and it is so sweet! Here is a picture of my soon-to-be-sister with us last week when they told us their fairytale.

Also, we have been working hard on the baby room. Actually, mostly our friends C. and Stu have been working hard. Stu is the drummer in my husband's band. Thanks to them it is looking wonderful and may actually be ready when baby arrives. Here are some fun pics of the room!

Guitar curtains, yeeah.

And finally, one of the kicking belly today...