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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kezman is amazing!

I haven't posted forever because my computer either chord or battery is dead so it won't charge. So here I am with an adorable little boy snuggling with me and posting from my iPhone. I love having this phone while I am breastfeeding or holding him. I feel like I can keep myself occupied. His delivery was tough since he was posterior, but I'm just glad I didn't break any bones in the process. I'm so thankful for a beautiful baby boy who made an amazing comeback from swallowing meconium and a wonderful husband who has been my right hand through all the hard times including catching me when I passed out in the shower last week and fetching things for me as my right side is having difficulties recovering. I had an incredible experience giving birth and I admire every woman who has ever done or ever will go through labor and delivery. Also, I think every woman should have the freedom to choose the method and steps she takes in the process. She knows her body and what is going on better than anyone. I will post my birth story after I find where I typed it up to my childbirth instructor while it was fresh in my mind. His name is Kezman (the Ke is from Marshall's middle name Kenneth and the man is in my first name with a z for his own pizazz.) Kezman is also the last name of a famous soccer player so mom gets a bit of connection to her Brazilian side :). His middle name Pond is the middle name of his great grandfather. Also, mom loves nature and wanted something to do with nature in his name. He was 7 lbs and 5 oz, born at 5:34 am on June 11, 2011 after mom labored for days.