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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trial Trials - More Delays

I've heard it said that, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Although our plans for my treatment and recovery are in flux once again - I understand that this is all part of a greater plan. As you probably heard, the clinical trial in PA is on hold once again. They are making some adjustments to the protocol and we have postponed our flight plans for a week.

New Hair Cut :)

I was not pleased with this turn of events initially. Amanda being the scientifically minded of the two of us began to question the study and what risks it involves. My lament was that I had to endure another week of chemo-therapy. In the end I've decided that the Lord's will be done. I'm sure the delays/changes to the protocol are in my best interest.

Water Fight :)
As we entered the clinic on Monday I had one hope, 'please no more chemo'. Ultimately my wish came true because my doctors had planned I would be out of town and the chemo had not been ordered nor was it ready to administer - so I get a little break. It is now scheduled for Wednesday.

Family Outing :)
The scriptures tell us that, "Men are that they might have joy" (2nd Nephi 2:25). God's plan is a plan of happiness. I have been blessed with so many deeds of love and service, moments of elation and delight - roses among the thorns. I often feel my gratitude is waning.

I wish I could thank everyone individually, however these last words of gratitude are dedicated to Joy Gibb for her kind visit, and delicious summer treat.

This weekend Joy dropped by my door with sunshine in her hand. The smile of Summer streamed steadily into my heart. A kind smile, a cool treat, a moment of joy.

The young one wanted shoes then, and a walk outdoors. We wandered round the corner to check the day's mail. A visit from a parting friend brought a message of good tidings; something wonderful lies in my path - tears in my eyes - melancholy mixed with mirth. 

And I still need to thank Joy...

Later we celabrate with Birthday twins - the earth has circled once since their arrival. Porch swings and swimming pools, umbrella's in the shade. The back yard is beautiful and as I admire the fruit trees I think outloud, "Grandma Reese would be in Heaven with all these fancy fruit trees." Then it occurs to me that Grandma is in Heaven... Tears again, the thought of Grandma's fruit leather plants a seed of delight in my soul. 

And I still need to thank Joy...

The Lord's day brings several priests to my home. Carrying the emblems of the Lord's supper. We bless and brake, and I am renewed. A taste of redemption fills my breast, my eyes grow wet once more - solemn felicity.

And I still need to thank Joy...