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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Funny Things

Because it's too depressing to talk about cancer and all Marshall's pains and time in the hospital (sorry I'm really needing some support right now in that department), I wanted to list some great things Kez has done this past week:

1. One afternoon before taking Kez to see Marshall at the hospital, he was taking a bath to be clean and hopefully a little less germy before going in when suddenly he asked, "Mommy, why did Jesus give us belly buttons? I cannot figure it out, what do we need a belly button for?" He was so very stuck on what the purpose of a belly button is that I finally said, "Maybe he made it so you would have some fun poking your finger in it". He just laughed and kept wondering.

2. Kez has a little sock monkey and he has named him "Idiot". Yes, he named him himself and no I have no idea where he even learned that word. I also can't remember who sent us this particular gift, but the monkey came in a package from a dear neighbor while we were in Pennsylvania last fall. We always start laughing when Kez talks about him soley because of his name. Yesterday he did something very adorable with Idiot though. He laid him in his bed and came and told me that Idiot was very sick. He took his doctor bag (which I DO remember who sent that to us, thanks Maria!) and started checking out the monkey's vitals. After putting on the blood pressure cuff, he said his monkey weighed way too many pounds and after using his thermometer he said that Idiot had a fever just like his daddy. It was so adorable that I Facetimed Marshall at the hospital and he got to see some of it too. Our little future doctor :).

3. This morning when I asked Kez what he wanted for breakfast he insisted that he wanted green beans! "What?" I asked, "Don't you want cereal or pancakes or waffles? Anything but green beans?" Nope. He wanted the beans. So I heated them up and he almost ate a whole can! He's asked for sandwiches for breakfast before, but this was a first.

A quick summary of what's going on with his daddy Marshall is that he was admitted at the beginning of the week to start a second round of blinatumomab. He's been having unexplained pain around the clock for a while and has also been taking pain meds around the clock. He noticed pleurisy pain right before going in since he has had pleurisy before. They did a CT scan and found opaque spots at the top of his lungs. The pulmonary specialist was very concerned and thought it might be fungal, which is difficult to treat. They did a broncoscopy and are still waiting for growth. One virus did grow and we are praying that is all that will grow. This morning he had new, sharp pain on the upper left side of his chest so they did another CT scan. The scan didn't show any blood clots or heart issues, but he still has the opaque spots in his lungs. He just got off a pain pump yesterday, but is now on a fentanyl patch and a few other pain medications.