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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let Freedom Ring!

Marshall is free from the hospital. Free to be with his family. Free to celebrate the fourth of July. Most of all free from cancer for now. Hopefully for a long, long, time. Your wife and your son need you!

Momma and Kez on 4th of July

His mother and I have been discussing how he really skipped over the gruesome days of his transplant. I have come to the realization (again) that that is just who Marshall is. The good always outweighs the bad for him. A second shot at life and time to figure out what really matters seem to be all he needs to forget the terrible days of never stopping to go to the bathroom, sleeping for hours (or trying to sleep for hours) in hopes to escape the pain, spitting in a cup to be rid of the seeming eternal mucous coming from his mouth, throat, and not being able to eat or drink for many days. Truthfully it was really hard to watch so I'm sure it was a million times harder to handle for him and he'd prefer to have it blocked out of his memory forever so I shouldn't bring it up I suppose.
We are glad to have him home though he is still weak, tired, and nauseous. Doctors are very impressed with him up to this point and even the hospital administrator stopped us in the hospital hall to tell Marshall what a good attitude he has. He agreed when I told him that I call Marshall "my Ballistic Optimistic". Words don't do enough to express how grateful I am for his greatness and goodness.  He was even featured in a news clip
Click here if you'd like to watch it.
Our lives are not perfect or free from worry yet. He still has very frequent check ups, has to be very careful to drink a lot, eat enough (with his nausea and pill intake this is very difficult), and avoid any illness while he is on immunosuppresants. We have been so fortunate and blessed from loving family and friends, and hope that the ride will be better from here on out even dealing with all the effects and bumps that are to come.
Sweet cousin Maddie playing with Kezzy in the pool

Tyrel's red, blue, and white drink is a success!
HAPPY FREEDOM to all who are oppressed in any way. We have come to know many people who have similar situations and relate to oppression in diverse forms. Marshall has been a beacon to our little family and hopefully a continuous shining light to many others in their hardships and even in the good times. Not one good moment will be taken for granted by this gal :)