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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

We had quite the Christmas Eve celebration tonight. It all started when Uncle Ty came over to practice for the Jensen Family Devotional. We're singing a rendition of Jesus Once of Humble Birth. We worked out some harmony parts (he took the hard parts and I took it easy).

Then Ryan came over and the Christmas Eve tradition of watching Blood Sport commenced. Needless to say Relsky had many epiphanies about silly phrases his older brother used to mutter.

Our awesome friends Cindy and Stu came over with some presents and a plate full of treats! Before we knew it we were running late for our dinner date.

We made it to Friday's before the appetizers hit the table, and surprised Uncle Skip with the whole SLC portion of the clan. We brought Kez some homemade sweet potatoes thanks to Teri and our new awesome Baby Bullet! I was fighting for everyone's attention as usual. Which was hard to do with all the cute grand kids getting passed around. Cousin/Nephew Alex didn't seem to mind; he spent a good amount of time under the table playing on my iphone.

After dinner it was off to Grampa J's. Ty and I kicked off the devotional with the song we'd practiced (hardly) and he did an amazing job hitting all his creative harmonies. I really felt the spirit fill the room, it was very touching. The highlight of the night was little Alex reading about baby Jesus in Bethlehem, while Maddy and Kez fought over her doll.

My beautiful wife read a heartfelt talk from Elder Holland and got so emotional that she had to hand it to me to finish (she is so adorable sometimes I can hardly stand it.)

I was impressed to hear Tor-Adore's boyfriend play the piano while T&T, Grandma and Grandpa sang an amazing vocal quartet - definitely the climax of the evening and quite lovely.

After that, everyone settled in for some of Grandma's award winning cheese cake, but (sadly) I was too full of Friday's food so Ty and I just jammed on our git-fiddles.

To finish the family activities Grandma, Relly, AJ, Kez, and I headed to the cemetery to visit Conrad's gravesite. I couldn't sing because I was shivering so bad, and AJ couldn't sing because she was crying again, but somehow we managed to get through all three versus of Silent Night and Families Can Be Together Forever before anyone froze to death.

When we arrived home it was nearly midnight. We wrapped the last of the presents and got the house ready for Santa to come! It's the first Christmas that Santa is coming to our house! I haven't ever posted anything on our family blog so I told AJ I would as a Christmas present.

Kezman is sleeping soundly in his crib like a red starfish in his Christmas onezy (spread eagle on his back). I don't know if he's old enough to dream of sugar plumbs, or even know what they are... come to think of it I don't think I really know what they are??? At any rate, I'm sure he has no idea what's in store tomorrow.

AJ and I set up what can only be called an obstacle course of toys leading up to the Christmas Tree. Much of which we must thank our friends the Morgan's for supplying us with.

Now it's time to leave the milk and cookies on the night stand and wait for Santa to come. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Law firm for 8 years

Last week we attended the Lexington Law Firm annual Christmas party. It was all hoity-toity with tall marble tables, seating arrangements, and appetizers before the catered meal. So, I pulled out the red shoes for the occasion.

I know the plaque says five years and he's actually worked there for eight, but they were just catching everyone up. MJ says he better work there another two years, so he can get his ten year plaque before law school.

Kez was looking awesome in his pjs at picture time too. He LOVES to smile in pictures- and I LOVE him!

My hubster is the hardest worker I've met. And that is saying something when you can say that about the man you live and associate with every day. Congrats to our sexy husband and daddy who (I hate to admit) can even fit into my pants ;) It's because he works his bum off so he has none.

We also have been married for two years now and celebrated with a night away from Kez. I did not think it was going to affect me as much as it did, but as we were driving away from Grandma and Grandpa J's, I started crying! Yes, I love him too much!! So much that I let him try the spisayness of a red hot flamin' cheeto.
Here goes:

Honestly, he did not even react! Must take after his dad :)

We had a nice dinner away

Did I mention his dad is also really funny? What wonderful boys I have!