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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Synopsis

2013 In A Nutshell

Back to Work!

Jan- AJ starts working at the Global Service Center. Whole family contracts rhinovirus and Marshall has to be treated in the hospital and stay away from Kez and AJ for 10 days. Hence, the song Ten Days was born.

Yes we both fit in the hospital bed just fine
 Feb- Marshall starts having terrible back pain and goes into the clinic- his leukemia relapses :(. AJ has surgery to remove a cyst on her forehead. Turns out it's not a cyst, but it was extra brain all along :).
Chemotherapy makes you tired

March- After treating MJ with chemo for a month they tell us there is nothing more they can do, that the cancer is resistant to chemo. Elder Corbridge from the Seventy pays Marshall a special visit in the hospital and blesses him. We decide to go to MD Anderson Texas for a trial bio therapy drug no matter the cost. We leave Kezzy with his aunt and uncle and cousins in Sandy :(.

April- AJ runs first 10 miler down Emigration Canyon with sisters Melanie and Julie- we fly to Texas the next day and she walks around MD Anderson like an old lady. Who's the patient here anyway? Thanks John and Sherilyn for allowing us to stay with you in Pearland! Melanie and Tyrel move in our house while we are in TX. 2 weeks into the trial we find out Marshall is in remission! Miracle!! We watch Music for Marshall at Tucci's, a fundraiser to help with medical expenses, via live video feed. Thanks Cyndi! AJ spends 28th birthday in the hospital with Marshall (much like 27th birthday). Landon Cooper from Miles 2 Give runs for Marshall. You can buy the song Marshall Jensen wrote on I-tunes called Miles 2 Give.
Landon surprises Marshall after we get home from Texas


May- Lucile brings our Kezzy to us in Texas!! He gets to see Houston aquarium, zoo, and kid's museum. Julie writes an essay and AJ wins a Mother's Day makeover from Lunatic Fringe. We surprise family and fly back for the Miracles for Marshall event in Pocatello. Our house turns beautiful while we are in TX. Thanks Melanie and Matt! AJ worked hard too.

Happy Mother's Day!

June- Kez turns 2!! AJ donates her eggs to a family who have been trying for years to have children. Have to give forward after all we've been given! We fly back to UT the day after donation. Kez is potty-trained.
I'm 2!
Thomas the Train cake made by aunt Brielle

July- 5th is second stem cell transplant day for Marshall. With a slip of the delivery guy we find out his second donor is international!
Aug- Kez and AJ fly to San Diego for Sam and Vanessa's wedding. Marshall turns 29 and AJ takes him to a Dave Matthews concert in our ponchos. 30 day check-up says MJ is still in remission. Tyrelanie move out.

Oct- Add our sweet little black toy poodle Jazmica "Jazzy" girl to the family- Booker turns 1. 100 day biopsy is also still clean.

Nov- 4 year anniversary celebration in a beautiful canyon up north. We see a bee monastery.


Dec- We sing at the Conference Center Theater when the First Counselor of the Presiding Bishopric speaks. Grandma Reese passes. Marshall celebrates 10 years at Lexington Law Firm. 
We miss you Grandma!

Here's to a New Year and hopefully more security. Cheers!