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Saturday, May 14, 2011


A lot has been happening in our lives lately and I am trying to keep up with it all with this belly that is getting heavier and heavier every day. I suppose it is probably easier than if he was actually here and toting him around with us, but sometimes I wonder if life will ever slow down. Especially with the very energetic husband I have. I sure love him :). Just wanting to write about some of the changes happening.

1. On April 21-22, I decided I would walk for graduation. Believe me, I thought for quite a while that I wouldn't and I would just get the diploma and call it good. Especially since I actually graduated in December after a 6 credit semester and the grueling process of commuting for 6 hours a day while having terrible morning sickness during my first trimester of pregnancy. There were literally days that I would sit in the back of the express bus with a plastic bag in case I puked and tried to hold it in until we arrived at school where I would run to the bathroom every morning. Sometimes it worked, and other times I tried to vomit as quietly as possible. One time there was even someone sitting by me and he never even noticed that I was throwing up due to staring at his I-Pad the whole ride. Wow, I couldn't believe he was that oblivious to the person sitting next to him. That day I learned a lesson to always be considerate of those you have any sort of contact with during the day even if you don't know them. There were also times I was sick while being in front of the Bio Ethics sections of undergraduates I taught two times a week. I had to tell them almost right after I told my family because they were getting suspicious :).
All in all, I worked hard and ended up graduating with a bachelors in Biology and a minor in international development from a good college. However, in the future as I decide between a masters or a PH-D, my choice will be a more liberal college in order to balance the conservative undergraduate degree. It kept me out of trouble though =], and I was really able to see how ideas such as evolution, abortion, homosexuality, and a variety of other controversial issues were taught in an LDS setting. Believe me, they are taught in a much more liberal way than I thought they would be.

There is my wonderful family plus Fahad from Saudi Arabia and Fauzan from Indonesia (we call him the Indonesian Justin Beiber-mostly because of his hair and how his country misses him so much :). I was a teaching assistant for the last part of my undergrad. I love bio ethics a TON, along with International Health (which is what I want to study for graduate school). My hubby has to finish his undergraduate education still before he moves on to law school (we say his son even graduated before him since I am 8 months along in these photos) and I will wait to pursue graduate studies depending on where he decides to go and I hope it is outside of Utah. Eventually, I would like to work for Save the Children or a similar organization, but in the meantime, I get to try to figure out this mom thing and I am so excited to have a little guy! Sitting in that commencement for 2 hours was hard on the hips, but Elder Scott is such a personal and compassionate man that it was worth it to hear his message.

2. The next day was my birthday and baby shower. I am now 26- I think that is a great age to be starting a family. The shower was in the morning.

This is my neighbor and I. She now has a beautiful baby girl (she was due 3 weeks ahead of me, which makes me anxious).
We went to a BBQ at the Cravens and were able to meet Brielle's family that same day.

Yes, my hubby just finished his guitar lesson and I have wanted a jamba all day, so I am off.