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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Calm Before The Storm

It has been a week since T-cell Tuesday. Over the weekend I had some flu-like muscle aches and a mild fever. Other than that and some mild headaches, I don't have much to report. Today is day 9 since I received my re-engineered cells. Truth be told they are not exactly "my" cells, they are the cells that were generated by the stem cells I received during my second transplant. I often feel like a walking medical experiment, but hey - at least I'm still walking!

Air-drumming while I ride my bike.
I now have three different forms of DNA in my body (mine plus two donors), in addition to cells that were re-engineered using the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. Luckily I am not at risk to contract HIV or AIDS. I may however, test as what they call a "false positive" for the virus. You heard it right folks, we are now using HIV to fight cancer!

T-Cell Tuesday!
Yesterday we were privileged to be visited by Dr. June. He is the doctor primarily responsible for developing the medical technology they used to re-engineer my cells. I found him to be a very humble and genuine human being. You can tell that he is earnest in his efforts to find a cure for cancer. 

The medical staff inform me that I am most likely to reach the cytokine-storm between day 10 and day 14. So here I find myself at the top of the waterfall - day 9. Either in tragic irony the cure will kill me, or by some miracle mix of God and science my raft will survive the plunge and I'll paddle from the mist cancer free.

It's a strange situation to be in. There's no turning back now - the cells are inside me and they are going to do whatever they are going to do. As a side note, if you want to see some really cool pictures search, "kayak over waterfall" on the internet :) To close I decided to share a poem that I wrote.

Dust and Blood

Lab coats and acronyms, making rounds, tapping pens.

Flashing, beeping, lack of sleeping.

Tattooed, tagged, poked, poisoned.

Shaved and radiated, scarred and isolated.

Sustenance suspended, pumps and bags. Germs defended, gloves and masks.

Cellular warfare, remission, relapse. Balding, bleeding, syringes and caps.

Still before storm, rain before flood. Clash before cure, dust and blood.