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Friday, March 28, 2014

"All Good Things, All Good Things"

It is so great to be able to make a post about how WONDERFUL things are going right now. I have just GOOD news to share and it feels so amazing just being able to sit here and feel relief and sunshine.

Firstly, Marshall got a promotion! He is now working further away from home and managing more people. I do worry the stress will get to him, but he is LOVING it. He works so well with people and he is finally able to do that again instead of being away from people in his sterile corner of the office. I also received a tiny raise, but hey it's something! Mostly, it feels so good to be able to be responsible and have others depend on us once in a while instead of feeling so vulnerable and needing so much help.

Secondly, Marshall's dizzy spells are gone! How did he do it, you ask? I don't know and I don't think he does either. He got sick with some kind of cold or something we all got and after that they just miraculously disappeared. Yay!

Thirdly, Marshall went into the Bone Marrow Transplant unit for his check up that would have been the very time post transplant that he relapsed last year and his counts were the best they have been since before he was diagnosed in 2012! Woopee!!!

We've had some great family and friends time lately and I LOVE it! Julie and Kaitlin came to visit and it was SO amazing to spend some time with them, Marshall's little sister got married Halleluja!, Brielle surprised us with a visit from new baby Jenson from Kansas and I got some sister time!, and we had a wonderful Music for Marshall event (we will make a better post about that when I get pictures from Cyndi).

Okay, just to share a little love and happiness with y'all. We were able to attend a grand opening for the aquarium with our wonderful Weiler family and Kez LOVED it. He kept standing by the tanks pointing and screaming, "Look at that! Look at that!!"

I also should hold myself accountable for this awesome program I started with my family called "Simply Great in 8". It's pretty much 8 weeks of as many veggies, water, fruit, and exercise as we can get so hopefully I will get a little more toned (I SO need it)!
Day 1 for the 3 of us

Post Hip Hop Abs work out